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Colab NC

The heart of Colab is collaboration. Built for the community and by the community, Colab is an initiative to strengthen the communication among creative professionals in North Carolina and serve as an educational resource for the underemployed and underserved of our state. Connect with Colab and help shape the foundation around you.

There’s great work being produced all around you. Colab helps you meet the minds behind that work, explore new ideas, and offer your own insights. The atmosphere is as relaxed as it could be and anyone is welcome. By “anyone,” we mean humans only. No robots.

Technology moves at a rapid pace, and extended self-education is essential to keep up with that pace. The University of the Internet is rich with accessible resources, and this may be a good place to start. Work through tutorials, read original articles, and discover other resources to keep your skills sharp. Learn something new every day. Your work will thank you.

Colab NC

Colab, NC’s cooperative laboratory, isn’t possible without a community behind it. Connect with Colab and help enrich the environment around you. Find out how to help.

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